Work meeting between Pendarovski and economic experts to finalize MKD2030

Development Framework, which is being developed at the initiative of the head of state, Stevo Pendarovski.

Considering that we are creating MKD2030 through open and transparent process, pointed out President Pendarovski, the opinion, suggestions and consultations with multiple social stakeholders is particularly important, aiming to develop sustainable and quality solutions for the development and future of the country.

- The Development Framework is in its draft stages and to that end, we would appreciate your input, being renowned experts in the fields of public finance, economy, and business. Some of you have experience with managing public finances and others in turn, real sector experience, highlighted President Pendarovski at the work meeting.

He pointed out that this country requires strategic planning, not only as legal obligation of the state institutions, but also as a process that would achieve broad social consensus and that would unite us toward a common vision.

- MKD2030 aims to identify priorities we need to invest in and targets for our resources. We need to focus on the future to attain progress and ensure better life for the citizens, said the President.

The work meeting today, according to the Cabinet of the President, is part of the final consultations with renowned experts from this country and abroad. To date, work meetings were held with representatives of the business sector, the academic community, civil and international organizations, and prominent professionals from several areas.

Moreover, every citizen has the opportunity to directly take part and contribute to the development of the strategic document through the website www.mkd2030.mk.