Key facts and figures

Foreign Investors Council – Facts and figures  

The Foreign Investors Council was established on 27 February 2006 with a Decision on the Establishment of a Foreign Investors Council adopted by the President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.
FIC is a voice of business community, established with the goal to make Macedonian economy more attractive for investments by simplified rules and increased predictability. Promoting solid business ethics and high corporate governance principles is also high on FIC agenda.
Currently the FIC consists of more than 130 companies with foreign capital in the country.

Aims of the Foreign Investors Council
• Improvement of the investment and business development climate in Macedonia by making concrete reform proposals;
• Stimulation of foreign direct investments;
• Promoting the communication between the Foreign Investors Council and the Macedonian authorities;
• Assistance in overcoming the differences which may exist in the relations with foreign investors;
• Link with other foreign investor organizations across the SEE region to benefit from sharing the best practices;
• Studying specific means to facilitate regional operations;
• Facilitating the flow of information between the members of the Foreign Investors Council and the Government;

The key roles of the Foreign Investors Council
• to contribute positively to the improvement of the Macedonian legal framework regarding commercial and tax matters;
• to promote a sound business ethics;
• to project a good image regarding foreign investments and the business in general

• The member companies of the Foreign Investors Council believe that a dialogue between the policy makers and the foreign investment community lies at the very heart of a successful improvement of the investment climate, while stimulating Macedonian economy.
• The Foreign Investors Council will promote pro-business initiatives and deliver practical support to all investors so as to improve the business environment in the country.
• The Foreign Investors Council aims to be the single voice of foreign investors in the country.

Main projects and events

The White Book edition offers a set of priorities in economic policy, as seen by the foreign investors, but additionally reveals suggestions for ease of doing business in specific business areas, in order to stimulate more dynamic investment of foreign capital in the country.

The Reality Check Position Paper – This document is envisaged as a useful tool to remind the authorities about the recommendations from the latest White Book and assess status of their implementation.

This event is a great possibility to celebrate the long-term dedicated work of the Foreign Investors Council and a promise for further successful projects, events and happenings that will confirm their social responsibility.