Working meeting of the Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production with the Prime Minister Zaev and the economic team of the Government of the RNM

The Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production under the Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia held a working meeting with Zoran Zaev, President of the Government of the RNM and the economic team of the Government.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, the Customs Administration Director, Gjoko Tanasoski and Sofche Jovanovska, Head of the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the economic sectors, Kocho Angjushev. A presentation was delivered on the solutions and the follow-through of some of the proposals created by the companies from the TIDZs and the industrial green zones, which were pointed out at the previous working meeting, concerning the promotion of the business climate.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the Government is decisive and committed to continue with this systematized approach of organizing the meetings and of communication with the competent institutions about the problems and the challenges that the business sector is facing, considering that this is of great help in discovering flexible solutions, but also in presenting the possibilities that the state is undertaking toward meeting the companies halfway.

Zaev pointed out that the Government remains open to listen to the needs of the companies and that it will lead a continuous dialogue with all companies, with foreign, but also with domestic capital in the interest of the economic development of the country and raising the standard of living of the citizens.

“This is an excellent way to get informed directly from the industry on the potential for promotion of the business climate and by doing so, to perfect the system of support for the foreign investments. The most important thing from this communication is that these meetings and discussions are always a huge benefit both to the business sector and to the citizens, because the new investments open new jobs, higher salaries and higher standard of living”, added Prime Minister Zaev.

As stated by Viktor Mizo, President of the Association, this meeting was another excellent chance to directly familiarize the economic policymakers with the set of requirements for improving the conditions for doing business in this country, but also with the offered solutions for facilitation of the activities in the specific areas, with the aim of stimulating a more dynamic investments of the foreign capital in the country.

Part of the measures, which were discussed at the first meeting as well, are introduction of autonomous measures for customs charges on import of reproduction materials and raw materials, the open issues concerning the area of labor relations and work safety and health, systemic resolution of the problem with the shortage of qualified personnel and the need for reforms in the educational system, the even regional development, measures from the tax policy and other proposals for strengthening the competitiveness of the companies.

In regard to the harmonization with the EU customs rates, as one of the suggestions that came from the Association of Companies with Technologically Advanced Production under the Foreign Investors Council, it was pointed out that a current obligation of the Republic of North Macedonia is to harmonize the Customs Tariff with the changes in the EU only in the segment of the system for goods nomenclature, the system for numerical designation, the single measures, as well as the remarks to the respective departments and heads, that is, a harmonization in the segment of customs rates in not being conducted and that those obligations will ensue after the country becomes a member, whereupon the EU Customs Tariff is enforced. Furthermore, the Government met the request of the companies halfway about the introduction of autonomous measures in the areas that require the harmonization the most and are of special importance to the promotion of the production, export and the competitiveness.

These initiatives are especially important for the operation of the companies, regardless whether they are located in or out of the technological and industrial development zones. This is an indicator that the foreign companies are concerned with improving the business climate in the country and that their long-term objective is to remain in the country and to open new jobs, whereby facilitating the decision of the other companies to come to Macedonia as well, after considering the experiences of their colleagues that have already invested in this country.

There are twenty-five foreign companies from the technological and industrial development zones and the industrial green zones across the country that are currently part of the Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production.

These foreign companies have a significant impact on the entire economic growth of the country through the creation of new and well-paid jobs, on the productivity growth of the workforce, access to new technologies and knowledge, development and embrace of modern managerial skills, financial stability and on the general well-being in the society.

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