Record- breaking investments, optimism for the economic development

Direct foreign investments in the amount of 624 million euros were registered in the country last year with a tendency for further greater growth. The new 4.500 jobs created by the new investments are considered to be a key benefit.

624,5 million euros in 2018 compared to 181,7 million euros in 2017, which is an increase of 244 percent. This is a historic record of FDIs in the country since the state declared independence until today. Only in the fourth quarter of 2018 they were 311,3 million euros compared to 167,9 million euros in the same quarter, last year.

Last year, the United Kingdom was the biggest investor with 113 million euros, followed by Germany- 38 millions, Turkey and Bermuda with 36 million euros each, Luxemburg and the Bahamas with 31 million euros each, Greece 26 million euros, Italy 17 million euros, Romania with 13 million euros … Regarding the sectors, the biggest part of the investments, i.e. 212 million euros were placed in the production sector.