A session of the Managing Board of the Foreign Investors Council took place

At the session of the Foreign Investors Council, at the Managing Board, held on February 27, 2019, the Employment Agency of RNM held a presentation of the Operational Plan for Active Employment Measures and Programs with the objective of provide the employers with more specific information about the new employment measures and program and with the objective to mutually share the experiences for the possibilities of improving the employment rate in the direction of providing staff suitable to the needs of the foreign investors of the country. Having into consideration that the lack of professional qualifications and skills is a critical limitation of the competitiveness in Macedonia, one of the activities of the Foreign Investors Council includes activities for the improvement of the state of the labour market and providing staff that the employers need. The presentation of the Operational plan was realized by the director of EARNM Biljana Jovanovska and her collaborators, followed by a discussion about concrete measures and programs, and readiness was also expressed about reviewing the Plan with new programs and measures proposed by the foreign investors if there are well-argued proposals that would be suggested in the following period.

The key recommendations announced in the White Book of 2018, subject to the activities of the working group on occupational health and safety and environmental protection and the working group on taxes and finances, were presented at the session of the Managing Board of the Foreign investors council. The working groups continue to monitor the implementation of the recommendations that were determined with the objective to determine the level of their realization and to undertake further steps to improve the business climate in these areas. The work of the other working groups, the recommendations of which are part of the White Book will be presented at the next session of the Managing Board so that monitoring and implementation of the recommendations are assured.

The Managing Board of FIC determined the initial plan of activities for 2019 where several significant events are foreseen and are to be realized such as professional presentations on topics in the interest of the foreign investments as for example the economic projections of NBRM, the World Bank reports, etc., then organization of the World Picnic, activities regarding the implementation of the White Book recommendations and organization of events at a regional basis in cooperation with foreign investors associations of the countries from the region.

The Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia becomes a recognizable association for its activities because of which numerous other associations and organizations express the interest in cooperating with it. At the last session of the MB of FIC, the Club of Young Engineers within the Engineering Association of Macedonia presented itself and the organizational board of the conference Women in energy also introduced its activities in the direction of connecting the activities, implementation of joint project and other activities, that contributes to the connection of supply and demand of labour force, focusing on the gender equality issues in different professions and vocations and other significant issues the final objective of which is assuring better conditions, possibilities and prospects for work in the country.