The President Ivanov awarded the participants in the program "A DAY WITH THE MACEDONIAN LEADING CEOs" WITH CERTIFICATES

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD, awarded the participants in the program "A day with the Macedonian leading CEOs" with certificates.

- The ceremony of giving the certificates is a kind of acknowledgment for what you have acquired as an experience, knowledge and skills by staying with one of the most successful managers in Macedonia. You are now to apply what you have learned in your further career, the President Ivanov said, recommending to transfer their experiences to their relatives and friends.

The Macedonian President greeted the initiative for the implementation of this project that was realized under his auspices, and was organized by the Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, expressing his hope that the managers included in the project have successfully transferred their experiences and knowledge to the participants and that this initiative will continue in Macedonia.

-  The aim is the knowledge you have acquired to apply in the Republic of Macedonia and to support and encourage the others that in Macedonia there are successful companies, that, thanks to the Foreign Investors Council, realized this idea, emphasized the Macedonian President.

The President of the Foreign Investors Council in Macedonia, Mr. Stefan Peter, also expressed his satisfaction with the program and thanked the President Ivanov for the support of this initiative and recommended the participants that the most important thing is for them to have an idea and to be persistent in its realization.

Devora Velinov, one of the participants in this program stated that the experience they acquired at the meetings with the managers is of extreme significance and that each manager thaught them something and gave them a different lesson. 
13 students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD studies in the field of law and economic sciences, business administration, electrical technology and information technologies and architecture, were part of the program. The students had the possibility to be directly acquainted with the working day of the managers, to learn in detail the processes of leading a company and to acquire knowledge, practical experiences and skills in the direction of the development of their entrepreneurial spirit.

This program was realized for the first time in the Republic of Macedonia in the period from April until August, 2018, and among the successful managers who implemented the program are Stefan Peter from EVN Macedonia, Irena Jakimovska from Comfy Angel, Wolfgang Maringer from ArcelorMittal, Vladimir Kosijerod from Pivara Skopje and Avram Stojchevski from Van Hool.

Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia