Novelty on the Macedonian beer market - LAŠKO BECOMES PART OF THE PORTFOLIO OF PIVARA SKOPJE

This expands the portfolio of superior quality beers in the domestic market, beer lovers get an opportunity to enjoy the famous regional beer brand again, while Pivara Skopje confirms its leadership position and commitment to long-term development

The beer with the longest tradition and distinctiveness in the Balkans - Laško Zlatorog - becomes part of the broad range of beer brands of Pivara Skopje.

Laško is a legendary beer with over 190 years of  history  originating  from Slovenia. The start of bottling of Laško in Pivara Skopje happens after months of preparation and testing to obtain all quality assurance and to preserve the authenticity of the beer.

"I'm proud that we as Pivara Skopje are the only company  within  Heineken  Group  licensed  for production and bottling of Laško outside Slovenia. It is yet another confirmation of the expertise and extensive knowledge of our brewing masters, the high technological standards and the quality of our products," said the General Manager of Pivara Skopje Jovan Radosavljevic, adding that "In all previous investments in the production of beer, to which the most recent investments  in the production of  Laško are added, Pivara Skopje confirms its long-term strategy for further development of the domestic beer culture, industry, and the entire Macedonian economy".

Laško is the strongest regional beer brand. Quality and natural ingredients used to produce it give the beer distinctive taste, well balanced bitterness and smoothness. These are some of the unique features that make this beer well known on the Macedonian market too and for which it has been accepted especially by consumers with refined taste who prefer beer with a long tradition and proven quality.

"Pivara Skopje has an impressive beer portfolio. In addition to Skopsko, being the beer  icon  of Macedonia, Heineken being the most powerful global beer brand, Amstel as one of  the  most recognizable beers in the world and Gorsko as one of the most affordable beers  in the domestic market, we add Laško in our offer as the strongest regional brand, made by traditional recipe and proven quality. In this way, we reconfirm our leadership and tremendous commitment to meet  the  diverse  tastes  of beer lovers in Macedonia by offering them more opportunities for satisfaction", says the Commercial Manager of Pivara Skopje Roderick Rosenbaum.

Thanks to the developed distribution network of Pivara Skopje, Laško will be easily accessible to all consumers; in glass bottles of 0.33l and 0.5l, in cans of 0.5l and plastic bottles of 1,5l.

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