Under the motto "We Plant Love" volunteer action of women in Pivara Skopje for the children in the SOS Children's Village

This year as the previous one, women employed in Pivara Skopje marked March 8th – The International Women's Day in an authentic way, with a volunteer action. Within this action, held under the motto "We Plant Love",  women from all positions in Pivara Skopje, befriended the children in the SOS Children's Village and planted flowers and other decorative plants together and by thta contributed to beautifying the surrounding and the landscape of the complex. The entire material for the action: seedlings, pots, soil and decorative plants were provided by Pivara Skopje.

"We are proud of the values that Pivara Skopje nurtures, especially on our ladies who once again set an example of the role of women in modern society. Strengthening the position of the woman in the whole society is one of the strategic goals of Pivara Skopje, which we constantly nurture, encouraging and supporting all women employed in our company to realize all their professional ambitions. The happiness we caused among the children of SOS Children's Village with this volunteer action additionally motivates us as a company, but also as individuals, to continue allocating funds, efforts and time for the implementation of even more such actions and socially responsible projects that are significant for the community we belong to," said Lambro Patche, Public Relations and Communications Manager in Pivara Skopje.

The women employed in Pivara Skopje similarly marked the International Women's Day last year as well, when they helped the children in the creative center of SOS Children's Village to develop March 8th greeting cards for all SOS mothers through socializing.

"We are happy that this year too we celebrate this beautiful day together with the volunteers from Pivara Skopje turning these meetings into a tradition. This year we jointly beautified a part of our setting and again put smiles and joy on children’s faces. With this volunteer action, Pivara Skopje and its employees once again showed their sincere support and long-term partnership with our organization and we are all grateful for this," said the National Director of SOS Children Village Macedonia Julijana Gapo.

SOS Children's Village is an international civil society organization for the protection and application of children's rights, which puts a special focus on supporting children without parents and parental care and children who grow up in families at social risk. The organization in Macedonia was established in 2002 and it incorporates: SOS Children's Village, SOS Youth Union and SOS Program for Semi-Independent Living.

As part of the global systems of Coca-Cola and HEINEKEN, for already 94 years, Pivara Skopje in addition to being the market leader in the country, has been allocating significant time and resources for implementing a number of projects and volunteer activities to support the community in many areas: health and safety, active lifestyle, moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol, providing clean environment and protecting water resources, women empowerment, as well as providing knowledge and skills for young people so that they can overcome barriers to employment or open their own businesses easier.

For more information visit the website POLNA CASA at www.polnacasa.mk