Ramstore Macedonia, on April 20 Friday, opened the 25th Ramstore Market in Skope Sever, which covers 500 m2 of selling space, with a total of 20 employees, 3 cash registers and 1 coffee regıster or a total of 4 cash registers, and parking space wıth 10 parking spaces for the customers.


The new market will include a wide range of 15, 000 products from various high quality trade groups. Consumers will be able to supply always fresh fruits and vegetables placed in a special corner, also there is a fresh meat department, a bakery and a department for cooked food. The contents of this market will be enriched with the sale of household appliances and a place where visitors can sit down and rest at the café bar "Ram Cafe".

On the occasion of the opening of the new Ramstore Market in Skopje North, attractive campaigns and discounts were organized which will be available to the buyers in the next 10 days, i.e. until April 29th.

Together with the newly opened market, Ramstore will reach a total of 25 markets in 7 different cities, covering a total area of 22,100 square meters with a total number of 680 employees.

As the representatives from the company say, Ramstore's strategy for effective growth in the country includes constant expansion in the retail sector through the opening of new markets, and they add that it is planned to open new Ramstore markets.

The store  is located on Vtora Makedonska Brigada no. 23