REPORTED: RECEPTION OF THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE PROJECT OF THE FOREIGN INVESTORS COUNCIL "Spend a day with the Macedonian leading CEOs" by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD, today organized a reception for the students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies that, within the Project "Spend a day with the Macedonian leading CEOs" were selected to spend one working day with managers of successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia. The Project was realized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD, organized by the Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.


The program will be realized in the period from May until August, 2018 and the successful managers that will implement the training are Stefen Peter from EVN Macedonia, Irena Jakimovska from "Comfy Angel", Wolfgang Meringer from "Arcelor Mital", Vladimir Kosijer from "Pivara Skopje" and Avram Stojchevski from "Van Hool".

The President of the Managing Board of EVN Macedonia and President of the Foreign Investors Council, expressed his expectation about the full motivation and inclusion on behalf of the students to ask all possible questions that, was also, a challenge for the managers.

"This is an incredible program that is realized for the first time in Macedonia. The aim is for our domestic students not to be forced to go abroad so that they learn different managerial skills and to acquire experiences, but to be able to stay home, in Macedonia, and to learn from the CEOs coming from abroad", said Mr. Peter.

 Part of the selected students expressed their satisfaction for being part of the project within which they will have a direct possibility to get new experiences, i.e. to get answers of some questions in the fields of their interest.

This is a great benefit, I see myself here, in Macedonia, and it is very motivating to know that we will be directly acquainted with the work of the people who make a great contribution here, said Marija Andonova.

I have to say that the Scholl of young leaders I participated in in 2015 was a reason and motive to get the position I have now. This project would be of huge importance for me because I could bring my skills to perfection, to be better in my profession and on the position I hold now, said Vanesa Vasilevska.


The main objective of the project is for the selected students to get directly acquainted with the working part of a top manager, to dive into the processes of leading a company, to acquire new knowledge, practical experiences and skills that will contribute to the development of their entrepreneurial spirit.

Reported: President of the Republic of Macedonia