Association of Automotive Industry

In 2015 the Foreign Investors Council had established the Association of Automotive Industry gathering main player from this sector, from both foreign and domestic companies.

The main idea is to gather at one place, all relevant stakeholders in this sector and to have them define the guidelines and development strategy for the automotive industry in Macedonia.

The mission of the Association within the FIC was to serve as a modern hub supporting the automotive industry’s advancement, one that would provide a solid concept for developing HR and management, for transfer of technology and innovations, and for generating new local supply chains, given that automotive companies have become dominant foreign investors, and the potential for cooperation with local suppliers has been expanding.

 In the coming period, the Association will strive:-   
- To build and develop an efficient communication network for member companies and insure access to databases important to member companies;
-To support research and development of new products and services with high value-added;
-To represent and promote members’ interests at national and international level;
-To encourage collaboration between foreign investors and local companies that could be part of the supply chain;
- To stimulate investments in the automotive sector;
- To establish a sustainable system for education and training in areas relevant to the members of the Association. 

 Mr. Avram Stojcevski, Plant Manager of Van Hool Macedonia, is the Chairman of the Association by member companies present at the constitutive meeting.

The establishment of this Association has been supported by public institutions directly involved in activities related to attracting foreign investments, as well as by the academic community and foreign financing institutions in the country.

Session of the Association of the Automotive Industry within the Foreign Investors Council – 14.9.2016
The recently established Association of the Automotive Industry within the Foreign Investors Council held its third session on September 14th, 2016 at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. The session was attended by representatives from companies from the automotive industry, both foreign and domestic, as well as relevant institutions. >>>

INITIATIVE FOR ORGANIZING AN EVENT FOR BUSINESS NETWORKING in order to connect foreign investors with domestic companies from the automotive industry that have a potential to become their local suppliers